Me: They really should be up here.

Him: Well, you still have a kid hanging off of them.


Missing Margot and the Magical Weekend

Last weekend was filled with surprises…

1. I can wake board. I tried it for the first time and had a blast. Now I can’t pull on pants because my arms are so sore…but it was worth it.

2. I enjoy bike riding. I bought a bike for the first time in maybe 22 years so I can start riding it. It’s purple and beautiful and fun. Now I can’t sit down comfortably because my butt is so sore…but it was worth it.

3. Margot lives around the corner. She went missing during the wedding in September and I have feared the worst ever since. But on my debut bike ride around the block on Saturday, I discovered her living just a few houses down from us. Apparently, she loves the neighborhood…just not our yard.

Monday morning, my car wouldn’t start just as someone arrived at our house to do some work…got a jump in the nick of time.

Today, Townes dog has an infected sore and the vet can fit him in just 15 minutes from now…

It’s been a weird few days, but I’m grateful for new experiences and the re-discovery of Margot.

Save the nation. Save ourselves.

My favorite TV show is back on – Heroes. As much as I love watching it with Pancho on Monday evenings, my soul is troubled with the state of our great nation.

We need some real life heroes to step up and get us on a path to a brighter future. Everyday heroes, like you and the kid who hands you your cup o’ joe each day and the girl who serves your chilaquiles just like you like ’em – with sour cream and extra sauce.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world,” one of my top heroes once said.

Please register to vote.

And then educate yourself on the issues that are important to you and how the candidates stack up.

Hello, my name is Strike Chipper

I won’t name the candidate, since I am refusing to give any free airtime from the ad medium that is my mouth (or keyboard, in this case)…but I came across a great Anne Lamott article in Salon that drove me to a ‘She who will not be named’ Baby Name Generator.

Interestingly enough, my husband and I would both be named the same: Strike Chipper.